Archers of Babylon

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Appelez contre Babylone les archers, vous tous qui maniez l’arc! Campez autour d’elle, que personne n’échappe, Rendez-lui selon ses oeuvres, Faites-lui entièrement comme elle a fait! Car elle s’est élevée avec fierté contre l’Éternel, Contre le Saint d’Israël. - Jérémie 50:29

‘Devils on the run’ Tour

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Artwork: Timi Graphics

I’ll soon be hanging out back Downunder.

These will be solo shows with my great buddy Timothy John (Teinne).

Also very excited to be joined by flautist extraordinaire.

Lina Andonovska – for the Melbourne dates.

Full details here >>


First World Killing Floor

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A new one captured with love and care by Rafa @ Spiritual Bar, London – 18.2.13

The Dark Wood – Live @ Spiritual Bar

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AFFA David – First Show

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Since the beginning of this year I started writing with my buddy RJ.

Then Toy found us a few months later. Just 1 month ago G found us.

We’re called AFFA David.

Tonight (29/08), we are playing our first full show – at 12 Bar Club no less.

We spent Sunday in the studio recording some live stuff… we’ll have it available soon.

Image courtesy of our good buddy Timmy D.