Press Pulls


“This is a brilliant EP with each track full of vivid imagery and atmosphere. This is exactly how Australian country music should sound.”

- Tomatrax, Australian Music Blog (Sketches Of A Renegade EP Review)

” a seriously reliable songwriter”

- Dave Ruby Howe, triple j

Sketches of A Renegade takes you on a emotive journey of a solitary renegade, Jay’s latest EP is atmospheric and contains some impressive guitar playing, a breath of fresh air in the country music scene.

- Pigeon Note, UK Music Blog (Sketches of a Renegade EP Review)

Sketches Of A Renegade is a hugely needed, freshly invigorating set of acoustic blues. From the moment Jay Fraser’s latest batch of recordings begins, its gloriously stripped-down songs strike a chord in the listener.

- Blues Rock Review, US Blues Music Reviews (Sketches of a Renegade EP Review)

“Het intimistische zangwerk wordt op een wijze gebracht die doet vermoeden dat de zanger een verlegen en in zichzelf gekeerde persoon is. Alle songs zijn uitermate geschikt voor de late avond of de vroege nacht en gedijen waarschijnlijk het best bij schemerduister. Als je op zoek bent naar wat vrolijkheid moet je deze plaat echter niet in de cd-speler steken. (valsam)”

-, Belgium

“His songs are well-crafted and melodic, and as a performer his strong, charismatic vocal style isaccompanied by some quite superb guitar picking.”

- Icarus Club, London

“a true credit to Australian music”

- (Buildings of Dreams review)

“To stand out from the horde of singer-songwriters in the world of music you need something that marks you as being special; something that causes listeners to realise that they are not hearing more ho-hummery from wailing, angst-ridden, guitar-toting hopefuls. Jay Fraser demonstrates on this CD that he does have something special; that particular something having been developed over the years..”

- Mike Raine, (3days review)

“Other highlights include Jay Fraser’s touching Three Days, which basically rests on a simple guitar arrangement and his gorgeously warm voice.”

- Saeed Saeed, Melbourne Leader (2009 Acoustica Compilation CD Review)