Sitting in on Crawling Home – 9th July

Posted on July 10th, 2012 by

Last night I went back down into the Recharded Radio bunker to join the JT’s on Crawling Home for some, what I like to call, “whiskey radio”. It’s like champagne radio, just better! Amongst other things we discussed the demise of Rounder Records and Ernest Bergnine, oversized necks, flea invasions, kampness, lazy-arse birds, booze, beards and fetishism!

09.07.12 Crawling Home - 'Too many beards'


Tasha Fights Tigers – 8 of Hearts
Ollie Taylor – Nobody Cares
The October Game – Answers & Keys
Kamp David – Red Hotel
Jay Fraser – The Taunting of Del Toro
Karl Culley – Nothing Moves on the Mountain
Jono Mccleery – Home
J.B. Presley – Shelley Winters Nights
Model Staggs – Magnetic People
Jay Fraser – Breaking the Reigns

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